The Music Around Us

I saw the movie August Rush last summer and was compelled. I find it so fascinating that some people can hear the rhythm in things as he did. They can hear rhythm of anything cars driving, wind in the grass, or fingers typing on a keyboard. But that made me think, is it that we can’t hear it or that we don’t listen for it? In order to hear one must be silent. (An old teaching, but still important)

Is that part of the problem with our fast paced lives, that we don’t sit down and listen enough? I found one of the most relaxing times for me (regardless of my lack of skill) is to sit down and play a few chords on my Acoustic guitar. I can forget about everything else worrying me. Whenever I finally get back to do whatever it is I was doing, I have a calmer, more optimistic attitude.
I think at the end of every day, we should just sit down somewhere quiet and listen.

Shorter than the others, but thanks for reading anyway


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