Have you ever listened to Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh?  These are two republican radio talk show host, who are apparently popular.  I don’t understand how they became popular.  It seems like all Mark Levin does is call all his listeners idiots, stupid or something along those lines.  He even criticizes the people who support him.  It seems like Limbaugh is always getting in trouble something offensive he said.

So here’s the thing that gets me.  I hear a lot of republicans talk about bringing democrats to right.  How do they plan on doing that if people like Mark Levin and  Rush Limbaugh are criticizing those democrats on the air?  If someone said I was an idiot, I WOULD DEFINITELY want to change my beliefs!

I just don’t understand it, maybe it’s all a part of some master plan…maybe but that’s not likely


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