Things I Learned From Michael Bay

Things I’ve learned from Michael Bay after watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen include:

1. Too many explosions
2. Confusing camera angles
3. Switch between those camera angles to further enhance confusion 4. Lots of slow mo
5. The story doesn’t make sense? Throw in even more explosions!
6. To the actors! Acting is not as important as being to run fast! After all, acting doesn’t look as good in slow mo as running does! 7. Set aside at least 85% of the budget for explosives
8. Explosions come before actors. If you kill the actors you can always buy new ones, but you can’t buy good explosions.
9. Sequels are not called sequels because they are the second in the series! They are called sequels because you get to make them twice as confusing as the first!


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