Church (On-the-Go)

This morning I woke up late. I was trying to get ready in time for “big” church as we used to call it. I was in the shower and my sister, from outside the bathroom, yelled, “Are you ready? It’s time to go!”. Well, I was very much not ready. As you might have noticed she woke up late, as well. I felt really guilty about missing church, but then I remembered I get sermons from Mars Hill Church and New Spring Church on my computer via iTunes. I listened to the first in a series from NewSpring called “Identity Theft”.

So this blog has no deeper meaner or emotional value, it’s just to say this. If you find yourself busy on Sunday or don’t really like any of the Churches, go on iTunes and download some of these sermons. (I’m not saying you should give up on Church all together and just listen to iTunes. It’s good to have a home Church) These sermons help me throughout the rest of the week or like today when I missed Church. A few good ones are John Piper, Max Lucado, Joyce Mayers (I think that’s how you spell her name), Perry Noble or Mark Driscoll. I’m going to warn you, Driscoll is brilliant but has some Calvinistic believes that I don’t entirely agree with.

I hope this doesn’t sound to much like an advertisement. Haha

Thanks for reading,



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