Well this is it!

Tomorrow is easter so I wanted to post something really good, but I realized nothing I post can compare to what He gave me. After all, Jesus died so that I might eternal life with Him. He was (and is) humble enough to come down here and be beaten and humiliated and hung on a tree so that we would be saved. Yet it seems all I can muster up for Him is a blog and few minutes a week to read my Bible and pray. Sometimes I don’t even give that much. I’ve been feeling like I need to do more. I’m not sure what, ofcourse it isn’t really for me to decide. (You’ll probably know when He tells me)

One thing I’ve stopped doing is getting gifts on easter. If you get stuff from your parents that’s cool, but I just don’t want my parents giving me gifts. I don’t really care about candy, but I mean stuff like money or material goods. I don’t like to support the commercialism. I feel like I’m not taking it seriously if I get stuff.

I don’t have any challenge, except just remember the reason for the holiday. It wasn’t just so we could get candy and so kids could look for eggs. He died so that we maybe saved. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a great easter!

Thanks for reading,



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