So, how have…

…you been?  I’ve been good.  As you know I just back from camp and on top of that I’ve been working all week.  Work isn’t bad, but we’ve been constructing a new worship building at the center so I’ve been breathing in 80000000000000x’s the usually amount of dust.  My throat is a little scratchy but oh well.  I have tomorrow off soo Wutang!

I feel kinda bad because I haven’t really been keeping up with the people I met at orientation.  I’ll probably do that later…

I’m ready to go ahead and start school or at least move in my dorm. haha  It’s something about leaving there that really excites me!  I guess it’s just being away from home.  I’m hoping I have a cool roommate haha, turns out I have a shared dorm.  All the private ones got taken, but I’m still on the waiting list for private so that’s cool.  I’m not to bummed out about the whole shared dorm thing.  Everything happens for a purpose and I’m sure God has something good planned (Jeremiah 29:11). 😀

Well thanks for reading.  I thought this would be a nice and mello post.  I’m done with this one, but I’m not done for the night!  So hold on to your britches!

Oh and seriously!  How have you been?  I would love to hear back from you.  Tweet me, evan164 or comment below or leave your twitter or facebook name below and I’ll contact you!


oh, I almost forgot! Happy Canada Day, eh! :{D <—-because Canadians have huge moustaches!


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