What I imagine Alaskan policemen doing…

Alaskan Coastal Brown bear…..16

Well, Plinky this isn't exactly a question but I'll give it a shot…

Two cops, Bruce and Gary, sitting in a patrol car on a Alaskan highway. It's rush hour, an average of one car every 1 1/2 hour.

[Gary is a younger man…he's a curious character, who I don't even know much about myself. So, you're getting to know him at the same rate I am.]

"Hey, Bruce."

[Bruce is an older man, who only knows what he hears on Fox News.]


"Have you ever eaten falafel?"

"No. What is it? Sounds foreign."

[I'm writing it down as soon as it hits me, so bear with me.]

"I think it's like a…Palestinian Pancake. I hear they're pretty good."

"Yeah, maybe to a progressive!"

"You can like foreign food and still be republican…just saying."

"You know who else believed that non sense?!"


"Carl Marx!"


"You know who that is, boy?"

"Father of modern communism."

"That's right! He's a no good scoundrel of a man!"


"Yep, right on schedule," thought Gary. Every day around 3:00 Bruce gets angry about Communism and ends the conversation. It was that time again.

I know the title said Alaskan Policemen, and I know this may sound more like Texas than Alaska. But I'm sure it could happen. If you wrote a dialogue between two Alaskan policemen how would it go? please

comment below

oh and you're probably wondering why there is a picture of a grizzly bear…well they are the biggest threat to American independence 😀 haha Peace

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