Going Home!

It’s homecoming week at my former high school! Well…now it’s the end of homecoming week. It was an interesting week to say the least! I managed to get out of my classes on Thursday and Friday. Becca didn’t know I was coming Thursday, I like to surprise people with my presence! Nick, a guy I graduated with, and I left the school at 12. Man, we were making great time! I had successfully merged into traffic when a piece of metal, or something resembling metal, flew out from underneath the truck in front of me! I swerved to avoid the object but it caught my tire. I had my first flat ever….on the interstate, not exactly where I would have chosen if I had been given a choice. I pulled over on the side but even that isn’t enough to not feel the 18 wheeler’s speeding by. I’m not going to lie, they scared me a little. So, I got back in the truck and called my parents. Turns out my dad knows a guy in that area and called him to come help us. He was there in a few minutes, we had the tire replaced by about 12:45ish.

We left and made tremendous time! We actually made it to the school by 1:42, which was three minutes earlier than I wanted to be there! We saw Becca and she looked beautiful! I’m very proud of her!

As soon as the tire popped I had a thought…I’m living out the plot of Due Date! I was trying to get to see my sister being presented on the homecoming court. Robert Downy Jr. was trying to get to his pregnant wife. He had Zach Galafinakas (I don’t know how to spell his name), I had Nick. We had a minor inconvenience on the road. He had a terrible wreck. We got rescued by a government worker. It looks like, from the commercial, he got rescued by a government worker. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but I got there on time, so I’m assuming he’ll get there on time! That’s essentially how my Thursday went down! If you have a crazy story like that hit me up, comment below or message me!


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