A Memoir to the Playground

I remember, as a kid, the bell ringing, walking out through those double doors onto the playground…it was our Vietnam!  As soon as those doors opened some songs by the Rolling Stones came on over the P.A. system.  You never stopped moving because if you did the Charlie (girls) would get you, that was when girls still had koodies.  All we could do is run for our lives!  If we made it to the next bell then we were home free…until the next recess!  This went on for years!  Until one day we all kinda grew up…but I still remember the days of the playground!  Those dark days were the best of my life!

We lost a lot of good men!  I haven’t seen Philip since then, I assumed the Charlie ate him. 

Parents, if your kids have nightmares, it’s probably a actually flashback due to post tramatic stress.


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