‘Ring’ing in the New Year!

So, we made it through the end of the first week of the first year of the new decade.  And that feels……..

Do you ever think, right before you go to bed, ‘hmm, the rapture didn’t happen today…maybe tomorrow.’?  I have had that thought about three times in my life and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the only one. 

Anyway back to the new year.  By now I assumed you have either renewed your gym membership or bought a copy of Jillian Michael’s book (is it just me or does she look like Sarah Conor….kinda scary).  Good luck this year if you’re trying to lose weight.  I am trying to get in better shape.  Right now my plan is to bike five miles a day, except on cold weekends.  I am planning on biking on normal weekends.  I really just want to get to a point, physically, were I can bike some of the local home trails without getting tired. 

I also have some spiritual resolutions.  I am hoping to to get to a point of trusting God more.  I also want to to get where my first reaction in any situation is to go straight to God first, without a second thought.  Also to commit more scripture to memory.  I am excited for the new year! 😀

Also, you may have noticed the out of place apostraphes in the title.  Well, that is a shout out to three friends of mine who got engaged!  John and Courtney got engaged earlier in the year.  Josh actually proposed on Christmas.  Shoutout to all three of you! 😀

I am extremely excited about what’s to come!


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