Week one…done :D

So, my first week back at School is done!  Naturally I am extremely excited! One reason: 1. the week is over 2. We no longer have Friday classes anymore.  I’m excited to have Fridays off, even though it made scheduling pretty difficult. 

So, I have few things to talk about.

I finally won the Lancia Stratos on Gram Turismo 4 last night.  It’s actually not that great, but it sounds good.  It’s cool to finally win it!

I bought my first Creed Bratton song, Rubber Tree.  It’s actually really good.  I really enjoy his sound.  The songs of his I have are really fun and full of energy.  I’m thinking of getting the whole album.  I also bought Spinnin’ N Reeling’, which he sang on the office on the episode A Benihana Christmas in season 2.  I thought that was kinda cool.

My first week back at school.  It went much smoother than my last first week at college.  I think am going to really enjoy my teachers!  My drawing teacher just walks around the room the whole time and helps us with whatever we’re doing.  I think I can really learn in that environment.  Also, my math teacher!  He is so funny!  I think I’ll learn a lot in his class also.  I don’t really know my other teachers well enough yet, but I am excited!

I want to run an idea by you. I’m not really sure who you are, I don’t have a big fan base but according my statistics I do have one.  I’m thinking about doing some vlogging (video blogging), what do you think? Feel free to comment below. And another shout out to my readers I want to thank you all for reading!  As of Wednesday night I passed over 900 hits!  So thanks guys! 😀

Anyway, that’s all for now thanks for reading!


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