Beach: day uno!

I come from a beach family.  We love the beach!  Naturally, I’m writing this from the porch of our beach house.  I feel one can’t properly write about the beach without the sound of the surf and smell of saltwater present.  As far as our trip is concerned it has been a great one day!  We got here Saturday afternoon.  Yesterday was technically our first day.  It was a good day.  I’ll just give you a synopsis.

It started out awesome.  We were sitting on the porch around 8ish.  I spotted an Osprey, which is one of the coolest birds ever!  I was pretty excited just to see an Osprey, but then it started feeding right in front of our house.  It was legit!  It would hang in the air for a second and then dive into the water.  Its first attempt was unsuccessful, but the second time around it caught a fish.  (sidenote, try bird watching.  it’s actually very fun)  It was about as big as a red tailed hawk, but it had a slightly wider wingspan.  We saw some dolphins, but they weren’t as cool as the Osprey.  Two weeks ago I looked at my old phone’s calender.  It told me National Doughnut day was yesterday.  Turns out National Doughnut Day was actually earlier in the week, but that’s irrelevant.  Mom and I still wanted to celebrate.  Our plan was to wake up early, drive to the mainland (or a local market), buy doughnuts for breakfast and surprise everyone.  Well, we didn’t really get them early, but we did get them in time for brunch.

We went down to the water, which was perfect.  Tide was coming in.  It was perfect for snorkeling.  Almost immediately I found some sand dollars.  We only kept six sand dollars, all the others were still alive.  It was pretty fun.  It was getting hot so we decided to go up to the house and eat lunch.  After my sandwich, my cousin and I played his Kinnect.  I destroyed him…but in a much more real sense I lost every event except for javelin.  Actually, we tied with 449 points.  I wanted to rent a bike to ride around on the island.  So, that was the next thing my cousin and I did.  I rented a bright yellow one.  We rode to one side of the Island.  Then we turned around and rode to a curvy part of the Bike path.  We ended up riding 7.81 miles, but who’s counting…..we were.

Later we played some shuffle board.  I love shuffleboard!  It became full contact, as these things often do.  After that we pretty much settled down.  We had some spagetti for dinner.  Then we played Bananagrams.  For some reason everyone accused me of cheating…I don’t know why, pagona is a word!  ha that was pretty much it.  I was exhausted.  Now, I’m ready to go down to the beach again.  So, I’ll write again later.


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