I want to start off by thanking you, my readers, again.  Because the number of readers I had Wednesday far surpassed what I was expecting.  I owe you a coke.  If you read Wednesday and are reading now, remind me to buy you one. 

As an American, it’s my responsibility to watch atleast one Bruce Willis movie every three to four months.  Otherwise I might be suceptable to socialism and a hatred of Baseball. I’m just going to quickly point out that the only teams competing in the World Series are from the U.S.; ergo, rendering the name pointless.  Mom and I are watching Die Hard.  I am writing this during the commercial breaks.  Die Hard is definitely the best of the series.  Basically, Bruce Willis thwarts the European villains and their outrageous accents (Month Python reference).  This isn’t just a win for McClain, though.  No, It’s a win for capitolism, apple pie, baseball and the American Way!  Thank you, Bruce Willis, thank you!

Contributing to the overall patriotic mood of this post, I voted for the first time today!  Today is the first election since when I got registered to vote, when I turned eighteen.  I wrote in Ron Paul for Governor…not really.  I will tell you I voted for Bobby Jindal.  I think he is an excellant choice for Governor.  That’s the only one of my choices I will reveal.  I’m actually quite proud to vote.  I feel like I am contributing to society.  I like it.

The only thing that could make this day more patriotic is if it were July 4th…or if I had been born on the fourth of July.  Sadly, neither of those things are true. 

Ha thanks for reading!  If you like America or movies where Bruce Willis beats a detrimental, European villain please comment below!


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