Removing Me.

I just finished reading Kameryn’s latest post.  After reading a blog I almost always feel inspired to write, but this time I feel like it would be pointless.  It’s incredible what she’s doing in Haiti.  She has something to write about.  I just don’t feel like anything I write can compare to stories of people helping others.  What have I got to say?  

The fact that Andrew Luck, my fantasy football quarterback, is killing it right now?  That still seems petty and inadequate. 

The fact that I changed the oil in my truck?  That also feels petty, even though I beat my record.  

Maybe my problem is me.  Maybe, I’m the problem.  Perhaps, I need to focus less on promoting me and more on promoting others.  Promoting God.  

Was this post funny…no.

Perhaps, this post more about self exploration.  I’ll try to make you all laugh tomorrow.  Who ever you are.


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