I’m back…?

I’ve never been a very dedicated blogger.  So, I decided to quit about a year and a half ago from a combination of fear of being a bad writer and also just because I have never been dedicated.  Also, a fear that my post are frivolous. 


I miss it.  I miss writing.  I feel the desire to write constantly.  So that means I should.  Right?  I wrote an entry today-almost a short story.  It started as a short story but became more of an essay about love-something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently.  

So, I might start writing again.  I’m not sure.  I’m afraid to post things that might be stupid on the internet, where nothing ever goes away…ever. 


I Like Purple…

I’m not very good at speaking.  At all.  

I tend to talk too quietly or too quickly when talking to people.  People ask what I said, then I get self conscious and start mumbling.  

Whenever I finally talk enthusiastically, I’m too enthusiastic.  Often becoming loud and annoying (probably).  

I think the biggest problem I’ve been having is critiques in my art classes.  As an art student these are a fairly common occurrence.  I’m just not good at talking about people’s art.  It’s key to give people suggestions.  it counts for a grade for one thing.  More importantly, though, it helps them improve their art.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty terrible at giving suggestions.  

What if my work is worse?  How can I criticize something better than mine?

Will they be angry if I criticize it?

Is that point really that good?  What if I sound stupid?

I usually end up looking stupid.  I don’t sound stupid because I hardly make a sound at all.  I rarely speak.  When I do say something, it’s usually something ridiculously stupid like, “I like…purple!”  

I just don’t know what to say, and I don’t know how to fix the problem.  

Removing Me.

I just finished reading Kameryn’s latest post.  After reading a blog I almost always feel inspired to write, but this time I feel like it would be pointless.  It’s incredible what she’s doing in Haiti.  She has something to write about.  I just don’t feel like anything I write can compare to stories of people helping others.  What have I got to say?  

The fact that Andrew Luck, my fantasy football quarterback, is killing it right now?  That still seems petty and inadequate. 

The fact that I changed the oil in my truck?  That also feels petty, even though I beat my record.  

Maybe my problem is me.  Maybe, I’m the problem.  Perhaps, I need to focus less on promoting me and more on promoting others.  Promoting God.  

Was this post funny…no.

Perhaps, this post more about self exploration.  I’ll try to make you all laugh tomorrow.  Who ever you are.

New Pet

I’ll start this post off like I start off many of my posts. By saying , “I haven’t posted in a while.” I say this because I haven’t, and, as always, I want to strive to do better. Because daily writing is healthy, or so I’ve read.



I recently purchased some fish. They all died.

So, this is my second stab at petdom! It’s a salvia. Home Depot had them on sale for $.88. This seemed like a deal to me. So, I got one, as you can see.

My tomato survived all of last summer, as did My aunt’s plants that I was watering for them. I feel like this should work.

Wish me luck.

I’ll Title This Later…

It has been many, many months since the last time I posted. Which is weird. I have not been able to figure out why it is so difficult for me to post, something I want to do.
I love writing.
I don’t understand how a task I want to do becomes something I feel I have to do and, inevitably, something I put off.
I wish I was better at not procrastinating and being lazy.
I hope you enjoyed my first ten minute writing session on here. How do you avoid procrastination?

Farming Like A Boss!

I am a farmer!  I have a tomato plant-named Stanley-with two tomatoes…are those enough credentials to qualify me as a farmer?  I assume it is.

I’ve been cleaning my room, which is an arduous task.  With 1/8 more of my floor showing, I’m feeling good about the progress.  Because my bookcase had ran out of space-I literally had books piled up on it-I needed a new one.  I built my own!  It is kind of rubbish…  It doesn’t, technically speaking, stand without falling over.  Thinking it would be more visually appealing to use old rustic wood I used some old pieces which happened to be warped.  It is now rickety and leaning against the wall, but, on the bright side, it is leaning against the wall with books in it!  That is a satisfying feeling.

Another satisfying feeling, I washed the comforter from the bed in my dorm.  It’s satisfying because I thought those were physically impossible to wash due to the size.  So, that’s a nice accomplishment.

I’m applying for a job at one of the local libraries.  I would rather do something photography related.  I’ll take what I can get at this point.

I watched The Vow with Becca and Mom last week.  It wasn’t to bad.  I like the main female role was an artist, which was cool.  If I were to wake up to Channing Tatum saying he was my husband I would know I wasn’t in North Carolina! What up! *digital high 5*  Apparently, he’s dreamy or something.

On the note of North Carolina, Barack Obama is campaigning the hell out of the same sex marriage platform.  He’s going to far in my opinion, because, after reading his twitter account, it seems obvious that he is doing this merely as a campaign move, and not because of actual support for gays.  I don’t know, it seems wrong.

Well, this blog post has been full of many random incomplete paragraphs.  I hope you have enjoyed it!  I’m off to clean my room.

Oh and if you have any advice for growing tomatoes, it would be much appreciated!