I want to start off by thanking you, my readers, again.  Because the number of readers I had Wednesday far surpassed what I was expecting.  I owe you a coke.  If you read Wednesday and are reading now, remind me to buy you one. 

As an American, it’s my responsibility to watch atleast one Bruce Willis movie every three to four months.  Otherwise I might be suceptable to socialism and a hatred of Baseball. I’m just going to quickly point out that the only teams competing in the World Series are from the U.S.; ergo, rendering the name pointless.  Mom and I are watching Die Hard.  I am writing this during the commercial breaks.  Die Hard is definitely the best of the series.  Basically, Bruce Willis thwarts the European villains and their outrageous accents (Month Python reference).  This isn’t just a win for McClain, though.  No, It’s a win for capitolism, apple pie, baseball and the American Way!  Thank you, Bruce Willis, thank you!

Contributing to the overall patriotic mood of this post, I voted for the first time today!  Today is the first election since when I got registered to vote, when I turned eighteen.  I wrote in Ron Paul for Governor…not really.  I will tell you I voted for Bobby Jindal.  I think he is an excellant choice for Governor.  That’s the only one of my choices I will reveal.  I’m actually quite proud to vote.  I feel like I am contributing to society.  I like it.

The only thing that could make this day more patriotic is if it were July 4th…or if I had been born on the fourth of July.  Sadly, neither of those things are true. 

Ha thanks for reading!  If you like America or movies where Bruce Willis beats a detrimental, European villain please comment below!



So I am back…again!  If you haven’t notice (whoever you are), I have a bad habit of publishing faithfully for a week or so, and then I’ll just quit.  Life gets in the way, I run out of ideas or something.  I’ve been wanting to post for a while, but I didn’t know what to write about.  I thought I could tell you about being back in school.  I could tell you about my photography class, which I love!  I could tell you about how we feed homeless people.  I could tell you these things…but I’m not going to.  Instead, I think I am just going to freestyle.

I have lots of random thoughts….that essentially go no where.  The scene in Apocalypse Now when they were water skiing popped in my head.  Naturally, I bought a Rolling Stones’ song.  But I can’t get no satisfaction from just one Stones’ song…so I bought three, which really isn’t enough either.  That made me wonder…are there any Vietnam vets that have flashbacks with the Rolling Stones playing?  I wanted to post that on facebook, but I thought it might not be well received.

I recently went on a beach trip. It was great! I actually drove myself there, made 22 minutes quicker than what the Gps had predicted! So, boom! I also bought a giant hat! I should probably upload pictures or something. It was a fun trip, but I’m not going to go on and on about that.

Big news! Not actually about me, it’s Formula one! Sebastian Vettel just became the youngest 2x world champion. Which is cool, because he is my favorite driver, second would be Jenson Button. Jenson Button is an extremely British name. British people are so cool. Seriously, how is an entire country that intelligent and witty. I haven’t seen the everyone in the country, but every British person I have ever seen is both witty and intelligent. Is it the school systems? It must be, or genetics. Apparently, the best high schools in our country are in Texas…which does seem a bit off. Because when I think of Texas I think of corn fields and rodeos. Just following stereotypes for a minute, saying the best schools are in Texas is like saying that least amount of birth defects due to inbreding are not found in Mississippi. Now that I think about everyone I know from Texas is quite intelligent…I still hold to the idea that Mississippi is a backwards state. I’m not worried about them getting offended by this because we all know they can’t read. I’m just kidding…a few can read. I’m just saying that if the United States were a family Mississippi would be the second cousin with four toes.

I’m just kidding Mississippians….kind of…

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you like Mississippi or if you know British people, please comment below:

What does this make us?

I have this teacher. He uses many historical figures as examples. He often uses Hitler for his example of insanity, which I do agree he was insane. The last time he used him….it got me thinking, realizing. The last time he used the fact that Hitler attempted to commit genocide. The Holocaust was a terrible, terrible event. I’ve always heard, Hitler was evil and insane from textbooks and TV shows. Then I thought back to what happen to the Native Americans and thought, “What does this make us?”.

I’ve always heard Hitler was evil for trying to wipe out the jews, but the Americans tried to eliminate the Native Americans. I should add, they were pretty successful.

What does that say about our leaders at the time? That they were right up there with Hitler or even worse Hitler was right up there with them? I don’t know all the facts. I do know that a myriad of Native Americans lost their lives and/or had their land taken from them.

I’m still trying to figure this all out. I guess what I’m struggling with is this: Is it really “right” to portray Hitler as crazy and ignore what we did (or our leaders that were elected by citizens)? Like I said, Hitler was insane. Their actions say that our leaders at the time were no better. I like to think I’m pretty patriotic. So, here’s my solution. I’m not proud of some of the things (or a lot of the things) our leaders have done, but I’m proud to call myself an American. I’m thankful to be free, hope to remain free. I hope we’re in an age where American won’t take part in genocide of any kind. I hope America is getting to a point where all differences don’t matter, but I have a feeling that might never happen.

Anyway, I hope this post doesn’t make me sound like a nazi. But what do you think? Comment below.

Thanks for reading,