I Like Purple…

I’m not very good at speaking.  At all.  

I tend to talk too quietly or too quickly when talking to people.  People ask what I said, then I get self conscious and start mumbling.  

Whenever I finally talk enthusiastically, I’m too enthusiastic.  Often becoming loud and annoying (probably).  

I think the biggest problem I’ve been having is critiques in my art classes.  As an art student these are a fairly common occurrence.  I’m just not good at talking about people’s art.  It’s key to give people suggestions.  it counts for a grade for one thing.  More importantly, though, it helps them improve their art.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty terrible at giving suggestions.  

What if my work is worse?  How can I criticize something better than mine?

Will they be angry if I criticize it?

Is that point really that good?  What if I sound stupid?

I usually end up looking stupid.  I don’t sound stupid because I hardly make a sound at all.  I rarely speak.  When I do say something, it’s usually something ridiculously stupid like, “I like…purple!”  

I just don’t know what to say, and I don’t know how to fix the problem.