So, it’s a saturday night…

…and twitter’s been buzzing about a potential fix for the oil spill! :D…Not from BP (of course :/), but some people somewhere (I couldn’t load the video on my dial-up internet) have made some progress.  I’m sure Governor Jindal will consider it, but who knows if Obama or BP will.  Apparently, they’re bringing in “the whale“, basically the mother of all oil skimmers, to speed things up.  According to the article this thing is an engineering marval! It’s ten stories tall, 3 1/2 football fields long and processes 21 million gallons of oil tainted water per day.  That’s pretty impressive. (It’s the type of thing you see in a bad James Cameron movie :D.)

I’m glad they’re making some kind of progressive.  I’m sure if you’re an active reader you (if you are I love you! :D) then you saw that I posted the “BP Coffee Spill” video.  It’s a really funny video, unfortunately it’s also a pretty spot on representation of what’s going on in the gulf.  The whole thing makes me sad, I guess because this is my home.  I’ve heard if the oil gets in the wetlands then our economy is destroyed.  That makes me sad to think our economy could go under because some company isn’t stepping up like they should.  This isn’t one of those things where I’m thinking, “Oh, they’re trying really hard to get things done. ”  If they were trying really hard to get things done, then they would have things done.  A very good friend of mine and I were talking about this last week.  He thinks that BP never expected this to happen mainly because of the lack of serious tactics to stop the spill.  If they would have expected it to happen they would have something already planned and in action.  As you can tell, I’m not happy about it and because of my job I can’t go down there and help in the clean up.  If you have the time I’m going to ask right now, Please go help them clean up the spill!  If it helps, I heard they’re paying $18 an hour plus $50 per day for perdium.  I’m upset with BP and Obama for just blaming others rather than take some REAL responsibility.  Enough of this…

Well, now I don’t even know what I was originally going to talk about. haha  Don’t let the title fool you.  This post doesn’t have to do with any of my Saturday night plans or shenanigans.  It just happens to be a Saturday right now…as I’m writing this.

Tommorow is the fourth of July!  Any plans?  I always plan for fireworks and always end up watching them on TV :/.  My parents don’t like to pay for them, which I understand.  My friend’s birthday is tomorrow!  Coolest birthday ever!!!  Here is one of our conversations:

“Hey when is your birthday?” me.  I was getting everyone’s birthdays and entering them into my Crackberry.

“July 4th [I can’t remember the year].” Her

“WHAT?!?!?!?!  Are you serious?!” Me

“Yeah…What’s the big deal?” Her.

“What’s the big deal?!  Dude!  You’re birthday is on the 4th of July! I would tell people ‘Hey, I was born on the 4th of July…’ !  They would think I was Rambo or something (something like…MEL GIBSON: SOLDIER/POLICEMAN BY DAY, RELIGIOUS ADVOCATE BY NIGHT!!! [I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE MEL, I JUST THOUGHT THAT WAS A FUNNY LINE 😀 {oh oops forgot to turn the caps off}])!” Me

“Oh well I guess it is cool then :).”  Her

Maaaaan, that is one of the coolest birthdays ever!  If I had the 4th for my birthday then I would going up to everyone “Hey..I was born on the fourth of July…..” in a very Yes, I was in ‘Nam kind of voice!  haha I was pretty mad about the whole oil spill thing, but thinking about the possibility of being born on the 4th of July makes me happy!  That’s pretty cool!

haha well this might have been pretty pointless, but I hope you enjoyed it! 😀


P.s. no offense toward Mel Gibson I really enjoyed Lethal Weapon and the Passion of the Christ (never thought I would mention those two movies in the same sentance).  He’s one of my favorites.