“Touching” Tech Predictions

I’ve read numerous tech blogs since I posted my view of the iPad yesterday. Here’s what I see in the future of computing. iPads.

Ok, well not the actual iPad because it sucks. While it sucks, I think the iPad is going to open an entirely new market of tablet computers (even though the iPad isn’t an actual tablet) and computers in general. From this point on I’m going to refer to iPad similar devices as iTablets. HP just announced and released a video of its slate, which looks almost identical to the iPad. There is really BA one in development, which I’m embarrassed to say I forgot the brand name.

While the there aren’t many of these iTablet devices on the market yet. I have seen quite a few designs and pictures of things to come. The market is going to full of iTablet devices soon. When Apple unveiled the iPod, there were a lot of competitors but Apple beat them in the end. Unlike the iPod, I don’t think Apple is going to beat microsoft (or whoever the competition is) in this area at least not with the iPad.

Here’s my prediction: by 2014 at least 40-60% of the American population will have completely moved away from computers as we know them, desktops and laptops, and they will have moved to iTablets. Possibly everything will be done on cell phones, because a lot already is.

Who knows? There are probably some analyst that know the exact numbers, but I’m not one of them. I am excited for the market the iPad has opened, I’m still disappointed in Jobs for the iPad though. Oh and yes the title “Touching Tech Predictions” is a pun because to be a tablet it basically has to have a touch screen.

Have a good day! 😀

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The Blog Blog

Backed by popular demand!! I’m going to do a post on blogging! Actually I asked for ideas for things to write about and my aunt said “Talk about blogging, duh!”. So here we go!

I originally got into blogging because of curiosity about blogging and a desire to get my ideas out in the open. I like the ease of blogging. You can type an essay out, short or long, press publish and then anyone can read it. It’s pretty cool to me. It’s a cool way to interact with others. You write your blog, other people read your blog, they comment or subscribe, then you read their blog and you comment and get to know them. It’s also a cool way of broadening your mind, exposing yourself to other view points. I found it’s also good stress relief. I’ve found that if I’m angry or stressed about something I just start typing and the stress just melts away. Oh and by the way blogging is free! (Unless you buy a domain)

I would suggest to anyone reading this to take up blogging. It’s really satisfying! You’re probably wondering “Evan, where can get one of these ‘Blogs’?”. I suggest blogger, from google, or wordpress, which is what I use. Ultimately, they do the same thing. I use wordpress because I like its view counters. I use to like Blogger better because of their mobile blogging services, but recently wordpress got mobile blogging. So, I’ve gone completely to wordpress now. I like blogger’s look better. Blogger is more basic, which is kinda nice sometimes. Like I said, they’re basically the same but wordpress tries to cover that up with a bunch of small add ons (I do like the add ons sometimes). So, I think you’ll probably be satisfied with either one. Those aren’t the only two, there are hundreds of blogging websites on the web. Those two are my favorite from my experience.

This isn’t every detail about blogging, but it is a synopsis of my opinions of them. Haha I hope it was enjoyable or helpful or both. Have a good day and happy easter :)!

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