“Wild Chernobyl Nights”

Summer Break.

Hello, readers and computers programed to place spam in the comment section! (I don’t discriminate)  Thank you all for reading at least to this point.  It has been a while since I have written anything.  I have been pretty busy in school, which finished last friday, but the work paid off because I finished with a 3.5 this semester.  It feels really good!  I’ve got photos of a few of my projects, which I plan to upload tomorrow or Thursday.

But enough about me! How have you been readers? …..Oh, Excellant! Except for you in the back, sorry to hear about that rash.  Please feel free to comment what you are doing or any random thought that might be slightly funny.  I prefer the random thought that might be funny because possible intimacy frightens me.

It feels good to be writing here again!  Does it feel good to be reading here again?  I hope so.  I’m assuming some of you may have found other blogs while I was away, but I do hope you’ll come back.  I’ll do stuff those other blogs can’t even dream of.  You know; semi-colon stuff.  I do miss writing for a purpose.  I’ve been writing short stories off and on, but as you might know none of them have been on this blog.

Speaking of writing I’ve had an idea for a story.  Picture this.  You and friends go on a trip to Chernobyl (because there is nothing cooler than a nuclear wasteland).  One of the people in your group sees something suspicious in the window of a building she shoots a picture off.  It looks like a person moving.  Frightened your group heads back to the car only to find that it doesn’t start.  The group gets out of the car, feeling as if they are being watched. Suddenly! ” ‘Ello!” says a voice behind you!  The voice belongs to a man with three eyes and a hand with six fingers.  Turns out the residents of Chernobyl are eager to see vistors and are very friendly.  So, then I’ll go into some description about the crazy antics you, the reader, get into.  I’m actually getting very excited to write it.  I’m going to call “Wild Chernobyl Nights”

It is late now, so I’m going to bed.  I wish you good reading!  If you made it all the way to this point congratulations!  You win an Evan dollar!  Feel free to tweet me if you enjoy the blog!



It is finally summer!  I am finished with school!  Passing school is just a bonus to being out for the summer.  I have done many important, world influenceing things since summer started 6 days ago.  Most of them start with: After I got out of bed at 10….Today I read 5% more of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I don’t know the actual amount of pages because I use the kindle app.  Haven’t done much else…
I had the chance to go on a mission trip to Birmingham to help with tornado relief.  They are leaving at midnight Friday, work all day and be back by midnight Saturday.  Last time I left for a trip at midnight I got really car sick.  I’m not going to lie, I was afraid of getting sick.  So, I’m not going. I feel kinda bad.
I am trying to blog more.  I am aiming for atleast one post a day, so hold me accountable. 
What are your plans for summer? Comment below or tweet me.  I’ve been doing a lot of tweeting.  So, hit me up!