My Exciting Easter Experience

This is the story of my day that has been today. This is what I did on my easter. Oh, by the way, that alliteration in the title was a bit of a shout out to my good friend and podcast associate Alex Trahan.

We had a sunrise service at my Church, so I had to wake up at 5:30. At 5:45 I sent out the message “Happy Easter! He is Risen!”. Some of you probably got it. We left. We were almost late, but we made it there with two minutes to spare. The service was beautiful. These three sisters played their instruments, two played violin and one played the cello. They did one song on instrumentally and then they sang one song accapello, it was so beautiful! Then they had a sermon, which was about the resurection, and it too was really good! Shout out to Brother Ed! Then we had doughnuts! Oh I do love doughnuts!

We went and unloaded some of the sound equipment used in the sunrise service. Then a couple of us went and laid down on the pews to try to get some sleep before the second Church service started. That’s actually when I typed up “The Blog Blog”. Well, then the service started. I’ll be honest I couldn’t really focus.. :/. I remember thinking ‘Wow that’s a good point!’, but looking back on it I don’t remember what the good point was. So, I feel terrible about that. Knowing Brother Ed it probably was a pretty good point.

We got home and we started getting the food ready. Each Family were going to bring a dish to Mema’s. It wasn’t ten minutes after we got home when we got a call from mema. Apparently my 95 year-old Great Grandmother had fallen. So, Dad and I jumped in the swager wagon and headed to her house. We got there and helped her up. She was fine. So that was good. Then we came back home. The food took about an hour to get ready. So, I went and did some stuff on the internet. Then we left got there late. There actually really isn’t any schedule with our family, all that maters is that you’re coming. We got there and the food looked sooo good and tasted just as good! Pork ‘n’ beans, ham, some caserole something, the works! Oh! And my cousin came down from Hattiesburg, which was cool! Then my uncle and I set up the badmitton/volleyball net. Well, I say we set it up, but in reality I helped get all the pieces together then I couldn’t resist hitting the birdy with my cousins. So, dad helped him put it up while I hit birdies. Then we played some badmitton! My team kicked butt! I’m thinking about playing in the summer olympics! Haha any way it was so much fun! Then we started playing volleyball, which was fun but more work haha. We got tired and Kylee, my cousin, wanted to play Apples to Apples before she had to go back to Hattiesburg. Before we started playing Apples to Apples we had play Black Magic, Through the Green Glass Door and some annoying ball game. Then we finally got to Apples to Apples (one of the most fun games ever), but I didn’t do to hot at. I finished the game with four or five green cards. Kylee and Aunt Jill had about seven or eight each. My other cousin wanted to play some more badmitton before we had to leave, so we did. It was fun, but tiring. I’m kind of embarresed to be tired from such a not physical game haha. Toward the end, I actually pulled a muscle in my foot. Yes that is possible, I did it once before when I was hiking in Vicksburg. It stopped bothering me after about twenty minutes. By this time we had just made it home.

I decided, that since it was so nice outside, I wanted to go out and read a book. I got a quilt, my Bible, a book, a spotting scope and a pillow. If I had a solar powered frigerator I could have lived out there. Instead of reading I started working on this blog. About one paragraph in, my cousin and his family drove up. About the same time Alex called and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with him and a few others. I was pretty tired and felt guilty about leaving right when my realitives got there. So, I didn’t go see the movie but I did hang out with my cousin. We played some Gran Turismo 4, one of the best racing games ever. We had some races, I think he won most of them. I like racing people in really slow cars, like the Midget! Yes there is a car called a midget! It has about 36 horsepower and a top speed of 72. I still had a really fun time with him and all my family today. Well they left about forty-five minutes, maybe an hour, ago. So, now I’m just playing around on GT4 and I have The Hangover playing on my computer. I’m about to go to bed. I’m watching a few minutes of friends with Becca. I’m going to check the blog. By the way, I want to thank all of you who have read my blog, I really appreciate it.

Well, that was pretty much my ENTIRE day except for a few minor details. So, I’m about to go to bed. Goodnight. I hope you had a great Easter! Remember the the Tomb is empty because He is Risen!

Thanks for reading,



Well this is it!

Tomorrow is easter so I wanted to post something really good, but I realized nothing I post can compare to what He gave me. After all, Jesus died so that I might eternal life with Him. He was (and is) humble enough to come down here and be beaten and humiliated and hung on a tree so that we would be saved. Yet it seems all I can muster up for Him is a blog and few minutes a week to read my Bible and pray. Sometimes I don’t even give that much. I’ve been feeling like I need to do more. I’m not sure what, ofcourse it isn’t really for me to decide. (You’ll probably know when He tells me)

One thing I’ve stopped doing is getting gifts on easter. If you get stuff from your parents that’s cool, but I just don’t want my parents giving me gifts. I don’t really care about candy, but I mean stuff like money or material goods. I don’t like to support the commercialism. I feel like I’m not taking it seriously if I get stuff.

I don’t have any challenge, except just remember the reason for the holiday. It wasn’t just so we could get candy and so kids could look for eggs. He died so that we maybe saved. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a great easter!

Thanks for reading,