Recovering from rough week at Ridgecrest

So, we had Church camp last week at Ridgecrest, North Carolina.  I’m just going to jump to the awesome news!  We had eleven people accept Christ as their savior! 😀  If one alone would have accepted Christ then the week would have been worth it, but we had eleven!  God definitely blessed us!

God blessed me this week, but in a different sort of way.  In the past, I’ve usually received some a blessing from God in my own spiritual walk.  This week; however, I took on a more leadership role.  It was really cool giving back to the youth group.  We did a couple Bible studies with the younger guys, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.  We’re planning a similar Bible study for the youth, now that we’re back home.  I’m excited!  I’m also excited to see the change in the kids.  I’m excited for the future!

Check this!  I crowd surfed!  Well, it didn’t last very long some girls dropped me.  Then the Fuge staff told me I had to leave…I didn’t.  It was so fun haha.  Our speaker was Rob Turner!  He is so awesome!  He’s actually an old friend of my youth director!  So, he came and did a group devotional for us one morning.  I’m still working on applying the points he made to my life.

It was an all in all great week!  We got to give back and do some mission work, which is always cool 😀

Anyway God bless,


Romans 8:28


Freestyling: number whatever

Hello reader (that’s you). I haven’t done a freestyle blog in some time. Freestyling was something–I’m going to confess right–that I kinda stole from Alex Trahan. For me it’s where I just type anything that comes to mind. I’m not sure how many other bloggers do this. If you don’t I would strongly suggest you try it. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

Anyway, I got a few minutes away from Math so I’m freestyling! I’m also listening to Kutless’ new album “It Is Well”. It’s really good. Today I had a revelation… I wondered if my prom date would be mad if I stood her up for a cardboard cut-out. Haha I thought it would be funny. I’m not going to do it ofcourse.

Last Saturday my youth group went to the Casting Crowns concert. Oh man it was good! I haven’t worshiped like that in a long time! I’ll admit, the first half I didn’t worship and had no intention of worshiping (I know that sounds bad). Haha Actually I just texted a couple friends who happened to be there. They were on the opposite side of the building so we developed a system of flashing our cell phones to send message each other. Ex 4 flashes means “Let’s rush the stage.”. Haha It probably sounds lame, but I had fun. I went into that building thinking “I’m going to have fun at a concert”, but God had made other plans for me after intermission. I put the phone away and worshiped. It was much needed! Like I said, I had not worshiped like that in sooo long. It just really got me on fire for God. So, I’m hoping to put out some Christian post over the next few weeks! Sooo Get Excited!!

Oh big news!!! I have finally have over 100 followers on Twitter! Which is legit to me. I’m @evan164, if you’re on twitter.

Anyway I have to go back to math. Remember, if you ever get a chance to see Casting Crowns, I would say DEFINITELY take it! And if you get a chance to follow me on twitter DEFINITELY take!

Well thanks for reading! I hope it was enjoyable


Ps sorry I didn’t touch on Glen Beck’s increasing insanity, I’ll try to get the scoop on that. I heard from Matthew Turner that he had quite a rant today