Novel Writing, Folk Music Listening and Coke Uniform Wearing

I do apologize for not writing Wednesday like I said I would.  I have been getting a second blog prepared for National Novel Writing Month, which started November 1.  I didn’t actually find out about it until 9:30 p.m. last Tuesday, November 1.  So, I spent most of my free time Wednesday working on the new blog, which shall remain nameless.  If you can find my other blog you get bonus points.  My other blog is supposed to be a novel, which it isn’t.  I decided to compile a bunch of relatively short, fictional, humorous stories based on true events that took place during my life in my home town.  Because the basic characters are based on real people, I haven’t really been publicizing it.  It’s not that the characters are negative images of the people.  I just don’t want to publicize it.  I’m also kind of curious how many readers I’ll get on that blog as opposed to this blog, which I do publicize.  My other blog is more of a grouping of short stories than a novel.  Regardless, I’m still shooting for the 50,000 word goal.  Right now, I’m 3,620 words of 6,668 words I was supposed to be at by this afternoon.  According to wordpress, if I write 1,667 words a day I can reach 50,000 words by November 30th.  I thought it would be easy.  I was wrong, and it’s taught me one thing: writing is exhausting.  My normal blogs on here are 400 to 750 words on average (this one happens to be 833).  I think that is a comfortable reading length.  Anything, over 1,000 words starts getting kind of long.  It takes a lot of creativity.  I have a new found respect for some writers.

So, that is what I have been doing.  Listening to New Favorite by Alison Krauss & Union Station while writing for you guys is what I’m doing right now.  Alison Krauss is grouped in the country genre of my iTunes, which is unfortunate.  I would say there is a strong distinction that separates her from mainstream country music.  She doesn’t suck, and mainstream country music does.  Independent folk bands are where it’s at.  Here is my theory with country bands.  The music labels essentially found what makes money: beer, momma in jail, cowboy hats, a little twangy guitar, mud riding, four wheelers and mostly importantly voice twang that makes the listener question if the singer has gone through puberty.  Fortunately, there are a few good ones that make it through every now and then.  That song by Lady Antebelum, the one about death.  That song was quite good.  I think mainstream country music has left its folk music roots and has just become music for rednecks.  It is sad in a way.  When I listen to folk music, it is so rich with interesting sounding instruments.  The music compliments the story being told.  There is an actual story being told.  I like it.

Did you enjoy guy on a buffalo?  I thought it was quite funny.  Blog readers how have you been?  please comment below.  I would love to hear…no, read, I would love to read.  I used to start each post like that.  I haven’t in a while.  Oh and (real quickly) shout whatever you are doing as loud as you can!  Whether you are in class, a crowded room or a public restroom shout whatever activity you are doing ( I guess that would be reading) at the top of your lungs!  Please, comment on how it went.  Your embarresment is the cheap laugh….I mean the important scientific data.

It was recently Halloween in the art department.  It officially converted me to a halloween fan.  There was a guy in a morphsuit, which are the coolest things!  I was a Coca-Cola delivery man.  One girl was a Jedi, which was the coolest costume ever, seriously.  She had a light saber and real Jedi robe fabric.  I didn’t even know you could get that.  It wasn’t just a cheap costume from Wal-Mart.  It was legit stuff.  There were some Harry Potter Enthusiasts.  And the guy that sits next to me was a grey scale, which was quite funny if you are an art student or know what a grey scale is.  For class, we made zombiefied pictures of ourselves.  It was a lot of fun.  My photography teacher was Velma, from Scooby-Doo; of course.  My science teacher was the little girl from Kick-Ass (I don’t remember her name).  It was really funny when she walked in.  My science teacher gave me an awesome shoutout.  It went something like this, “I have your bonus papers.  I would like to thank Evan Thomas for the badass moustache refference.  It made my day!”  That made my day!  So, if you are reading this, Thank you!

Thanks for reading, guys!  I feel guilty that this post was all about me, please balance it out with some comments on how you guys have been doing.  And what you have been up to!  Thanks!


Halloween, time to pull out my pirate hooker outfit!

The temperature is getting colder, decorations are favoring orange and black color schemes and the smell of Jolly Ranchers is in the air.  Yes, Halloween is upon us.  I’ve been indifferent towards Halloween ever since I felt like I was too old to wear a costume.  I guess I’m technically not to old.  I see all kinds of mild-age woman dressing up usually in something rather skimpy.  Which raises an interesting question: Do prostitutes dress up as modest, house wifes on Halloween?

Before college, I always heard people make jokes about skimpy, hookerish costumes that women wore.  I simply didn’t believe it because I never saw anyone wearing costumes fitting this description.  Maybe, because I grew up in a small town.  When I moved to a bigger city, for college, it seemed like all the girls wore very revealing costumes.  I don’t understand why this is…  I also have to wonder who the first person was to do it.  Were two women sitting next to each other, “I bought the kids their Halloween costumes.”
“I think I’m going to dress up as pirate hooker.”
“…..oh….I’ve always wanted to!  I will too!”  I’m assuming the costumes weren’t like this in fifties.  Were there ever skimpy costumes on Leave it to Beaver?  I’ve never watched it, but I imagine not.  So, when did the skimpy costumes come about?  I’m guessing a prostitute walked out in normal attire, just trying to make some money.  Some woman saw her and said, “Nice costume!”  Some man overheard the compliment, he got dollar signs in his eyes like the old cartoons and he started selling these costumes.  Why aren’t the feminists doing more to stop this?  This seems like the kind of thing that feminist would jump all over.

Staying on costumes.  The year was 1995.  I was four (in many regards I still am).  That Halloween I had a dinosaur costume.  My mom thought I was a cute Barney fan.  To me; however, I was the T-Rex in Jurassic Park ready to attack anything that moved.  Afterall, the T-Rex’s attacks were based on movement (I wrote were because the T-Rex is extinct, allegedly).  That was the best Halloween costume I remember, which segues into my reader question.  What is your favorite costume of all time?