Discussions in Contemporary Poetry: Tik Tok

I don’t know what to think of this, go ahead and watch it

These guys are taking it very seriously.  haha  I still think  she’s a terrible artist!  I like how the professor starts correcting the poor host’s grammar.  He should have seen it coming.  Well, if you would like to share your thoughts comment below.

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Headline: Ke$ha for Space Program!!!

Where were you Saturday night?  If you were my sister or me you were in front of the TV watching a pretty disappointing Saturday Night Live.  Honestly the funniest thing was Ke$ha’s live performance of Tik Tok, which she used to show her opposition to Obama’s decision to cancel funding of the space program.

She was wearing an American flag for a cape.  Her band was dressed in silver spandex space suits.  She had two dancers both wearing silver spandex space suits.  Her big point was asking the crowd, “Have you ever thought that maybe we’re the aliens.”.

What?!  hahaha People say Lady Gaga is weird, but Ke$ha’s performance was just stupid.  It was the funniest thing all night.

BUT if you can see past the laughter she had a serious political message: “Obama!  We’re going to space!!! Because we’re America and that’s what we do!!!”.  I’m glad some celebrities are standing out for what they believe.  To that I say good job Ke$ha.

What NASA scientist doesn’t wake up feeling like P-diddy and then brush his or her teeth with a bottle of Jack.  I’m starting to think Ke$ha wrote these lyrics specifically for NASA.  I feel kinda left out now!

What do you think?  Does Ke$ha bleed red, white and blue?  Yes!

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