Soooo, the beginning?

Sooo here’s a little update for  you.

I move into my dorm in a week!  Whoa!  I can’t believe it’s here!  I’m really excited!  I haven’t met my room-mate yet.  So, hopefully he’ll be pretty cool.  Here’s some random, big news!  Killin’ Time with Thomas & Thomas has reached 643 subscribers!  Bomdiyada!  I’m so excited for that!  There is; however, some sad news :(. Tomorrow we’re recording what might be our last episode ever.  It’s sad.  I loved doing it!  It’s so cool to be apart of something big!  But I guess we’ll go down in the annals of history.  We’ll quit while we’re on top, just like the Beatles did!

So, how have you guys been?  It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I’ve been answering questions on plinky, but that feels like cheating or something.  haha oh well.  I have to go now. Camera shopping :/ ha

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Killin’ Time with Thomas & Thomas Van!!!

So, Ford offers this design tool that allows you to design a Transit van, check it out!  So, naturally, I thought “Hey Killin’ Time with Thomas & Thomas needs one of these!!”  so I designed one!  Comment your thoughts below!

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What do you think?!

Sooo it’s finally the weekend!!! I’m glad to be away from school haha. Only 2 more weeks! Crazy! College is coming up, but that’s still a few months away.

So, I have a post written and it’s just sitting in my phone waiting anxiously to shock the world! I wanted to post it, but a certain person could get in trouble for it. It’s about something he/she brought up, “Klan Man”. He/she could get in trouble for hate crimes and I could get in trouble with the KKK. I always love making fun of racists. I obviously haven’t posted it. If you would like to read it, comment below!!

Rayban Wayfarers! I’m trying to find a model 2132, but I’m not having much luck! They cost $159.99 new! Obviously I don’t want to pay that! So I’m trying to find some on ebay for cheap. I’ve found a few from Korea and China, but I’m not sure how trustworthy those sellers are because they’re selling for $5-20. Oh well…haha.

We recorded a sixth episode of Killin’ Time with Thomas & Thomas this week. This one was mostly real talk, which was fun. You’re going to have to wait until next week to hear it! So, get excited!

Sooo, Gladiator is on! I have to go watch it! It’s my duty!!!

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