3D, There’s an app for that!

So, you know how I feel about iPad.  I think it sucks!  So, here’s my proposition:

I have to admit if they sold the iPad with 3D glasses.  If you could watch movies and play apps in 3D.  That would be pretty cool, I actually might buy one!


iPhone to iPad upgrade!

Do you have an iPhone or iPod touch?  Do you want an iPad, but don’t want to pay for it?  Check this out!

iPhone to iPad FREE upgrade!!!

It works because the iPad and the iPhone/iPod touch are the exact same.

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Headline: Ke$ha for Space Program!!!

Where were you Saturday night?  If you were my sister or me you were in front of the TV watching a pretty disappointing Saturday Night Live.  Honestly the funniest thing was Ke$ha’s live performance of Tik Tok, which she used to show her opposition to Obama’s decision to cancel funding of the space program.

She was wearing an American flag for a cape.  Her band was dressed in silver spandex space suits.  She had two dancers both wearing silver spandex space suits.  Her big point was asking the crowd, “Have you ever thought that maybe we’re the aliens.”.

What?!  hahaha People say Lady Gaga is weird, but Ke$ha’s performance was just stupid.  It was the funniest thing all night.

BUT if you can see past the laughter she had a serious political message: “Obama!  We’re going to space!!! Because we’re America and that’s what we do!!!”.  I’m glad some celebrities are standing out for what they believe.  To that I say good job Ke$ha.

What NASA scientist doesn’t wake up feeling like P-diddy and then brush his or her teeth with a bottle of Jack.  I’m starting to think Ke$ha wrote these lyrics specifically for NASA.  I feel kinda left out now!

What do you think?  Does Ke$ha bleed red, white and blue?  Yes!

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What do you think?!

Sooo it’s finally the weekend!!! I’m glad to be away from school haha. Only 2 more weeks! Crazy! College is coming up, but that’s still a few months away.

So, I have a post written and it’s just sitting in my phone waiting anxiously to shock the world! I wanted to post it, but a certain person could get in trouble for it. It’s about something he/she brought up, “Klan Man”. He/she could get in trouble for hate crimes and I could get in trouble with the KKK. I always love making fun of racists. I obviously haven’t posted it. If you would like to read it, comment below!!

Rayban Wayfarers! I’m trying to find a model 2132, but I’m not having much luck! They cost $159.99 new! Obviously I don’t want to pay that! So I’m trying to find some on ebay for cheap. I’ve found a few from Korea and China, but I’m not sure how trustworthy those sellers are because they’re selling for $5-20. Oh well…haha.

We recorded a sixth episode of Killin’ Time with Thomas & Thomas this week. This one was mostly real talk, which was fun. You’re going to have to wait until next week to hear it! So, get excited!

Sooo, Gladiator is on! I have to go watch it! It’s my duty!!!

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“Lucifer’s Testicles”…..no more to say

I found this image on Google Reader.  I think it’s a bit extreme, but just see for yourself.

I read this a few times before I actually believed it….then I laughed out loud for an hour.  First of all is this a Christian magazine?

I’ve heard some people say they disagree with the rabbit and easter eggs to celebrate easter.  They say we should celebrate Jesus.  I agree that is the real reason for the holiday, buuuut…..Come on!  Couldn’t you have come up with a better way to spread your ideas than a poorly drawn little boy in rabbit suit holding….LUCIFER’S TESTICLES in a basket.

I know, when I have kids, the first thing I’m going to worry about is if they’re playing with “Lucifer’s Testicles”…..I’m curious how Dr. Cameroon got his Ph.D….

Watch out next easter!  Those might not be eggs, you’re finding!  They might be………[wait for it, wait for it]………….LUCIFER’S TESTICLES….

I hope this wasn’t offensive haha

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Our First iTunes Review :/

As most of you know I’ve been apart of a very successful podcast! So, you’re probably wondering, “Why the :/ face? Was it a bad review?”. No!! It was an awesome five star review! Oh it was everything we wanted to hear!!! Here’s what happened.

It’s been sometime since I checked our page in the iTunes store. So, I check it today. And what’s that!? We have our first listener review!!!!! Oh I was so excited! My first thing to do was text my partner in crime, Alex. Naturally I was very excited (and I assume he was, he didn’t text back). The next person I had to tell was one of my best friends, Taylor.

I told him, “Dude! We have our first iTunes listener review! I’m so excited!!”. “Oh really? What did it say?” he asked.
I told him what it said…
“Oh………HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! That was me!!!” he told me.
“:|……………………………………………………………………………………………………. what?!” was (and still is) my basic reaction.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! (sarcastic laugh :/ )

Knowing him as well as I do, I don’t doubt that he did it.
So, that burst my bubble. Man, I was on top of the world!!! Then…it was just a terrible moment. If you watch The Office it was like the story Michael tells about getting hit with a pee filled balloon. It was like that for me, only really nothing like that!!!

We do have 167 subscribers, which is awesome!!!

If you would like to leave a review feel free!

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Freestyle! Episode 5?…Day at the Beach

What’s up readers? I was reading my old blog today. It seemed like I used to do a lot more Freestyling! Even the articles that weren’t labeled Freestyle, were lacking of seriousness. Looking back on it I don’t know why I moved away from that. 😀 I’m going to try to make my post in the future more like them.

So, I was reading my old blogspot blog. I kinda miss it. I left it for wordpress, which has been and shall continue to be an eternal struggle! I like the counter on WordPress, which is enough to keep me here!

One of my friends is a really talented writer, I’ve been trying to get him back into blogging. One problem is that he needs a name for a blog, I say Alpha Delta Lightening Bolt Wolverine Squadron. If you have any name ideas comment them below and I’ll pass it on to him!

So, we had spring break last week. Maaaaaan, I’ve been craving the beach! It’s been our Family tradition to visit the beach every summer cook some crabs, go swimming, walk on the beach, sleep, read and ofcourse listen to the same Jimmy Buffett album we listened to the year before!! Unfortunately, this summer we probably aren’t going to make it :(. To compensate for lack of sand in my pants, I had a brilliant idea last weekend! I thought, “I’ll have a beach day!!!”. A better idea didn’t show up that day! I got an umbrella, a towel, a beach chair, some reading material, my sunglasses and Jimmy Buffett on my iPod! I was good to go! I sat out in the sun for at least two or three hours pretending to smell salt water and hear waves crash. Well……..it’s all fun and games until some suffers from heat stroke! Ok so it probably wasn’t heat stroke but shortly after I came inside I got light headed and had a fever. So the after affects were no fun, but while I was at the beach *wink*! It was great!!!

I hope this has been an enjoyable freestyle!

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