New Pet

I’ll start this post off like I start off many of my posts. By saying , “I haven’t posted in a while.” I say this because I haven’t, and, as always, I want to strive to do better. Because daily writing is healthy, or so I’ve read.



I recently purchased some fish. They all died.

So, this is my second stab at petdom! It’s a salvia. Home Depot had them on sale for $.88. This seemed like a deal to me. So, I got one, as you can see.

My tomato survived all of last summer, as did My aunt’s plants that I was watering for them. I feel like this should work.

Wish me luck.


Cute Monkey?

Have you all heard about this monkey attack?
It’s insane and disgusting, and that’s probably why the news won’t stop reporting on it.

Can we really blame a 250 lb (atleast) wild animal? Or should we blame the idiot who kept him as a pet? It attacked the owner’s neighbor and mauled her face and ripped her hands off. WTF!!! That’s how they are in the wild, because they are WILD ANIMALS. This lady definitaly should be on trial.

Apparently the idiot owner gave him ice tea laced with some type drug that relaxes people. Apparently it has completely opposite affects on Chimpanzees because she gave him this 5 minutes before the attack.

People that have exotic pets and don’t know how to manage them really tick me off. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep these animals such as: tigers, large snakes, and Chimps.

I don’t remember the actual number, but I think Chimps have the strength of 4 men, at least. (if you ever see a mentally retarded Chimp…….RUN!!!)

Is this an important issue, probably not. But it annoys me that idiots like this are allowed to keep dangerous animals like this. It would be like giving her a RPG. I think she sould be put on trial, but what do you think? Leave some comments.

Thanks for reading