Recovering from rough week at Ridgecrest

So, we had Church camp last week at Ridgecrest, North Carolina.  I’m just going to jump to the awesome news!  We had eleven people accept Christ as their savior! 😀  If one alone would have accepted Christ then the week would have been worth it, but we had eleven!  God definitely blessed us!

God blessed me this week, but in a different sort of way.  In the past, I’ve usually received some a blessing from God in my own spiritual walk.  This week; however, I took on a more leadership role.  It was really cool giving back to the youth group.  We did a couple Bible studies with the younger guys, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.  We’re planning a similar Bible study for the youth, now that we’re back home.  I’m excited!  I’m also excited to see the change in the kids.  I’m excited for the future!

Check this!  I crowd surfed!  Well, it didn’t last very long some girls dropped me.  Then the Fuge staff told me I had to leave…I didn’t.  It was so fun haha.  Our speaker was Rob Turner!  He is so awesome!  He’s actually an old friend of my youth director!  So, he came and did a group devotional for us one morning.  I’m still working on applying the points he made to my life.

It was an all in all great week!  We got to give back and do some mission work, which is always cool 😀

Anyway God bless,


Romans 8:28