Where Be Yer Booty?!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” -Luke 12:34

I recently started a…umm “quest”, if you will, to the read the book of Luke (and all the gospels and all of the New Testament). At first I was reading a chapter a night but that only lasted three days and then school started again and I could only manage a few verses a night. Anyway, I found this verse last night or maybe the night before. I think this is something a lot of us struggle with. I know I do, I don’t know about you.

I think that’s part of the reason I only manage a few verses a night. I let things like school, facebook, this blog, sleep etc. become my treasure and that’s where my heart is. I’ll be honest sleep is definitely a treasure to me. A good night’s sleep is definitely where my heart is, unfortunately. Often times I don’t read my Bible because I’m tired. Maybe that’s why life feels crazy right now. Perry Noble, preacher of New Spring Church, said: “Until you give God control, you will be out of control.” This verse really stood out to me the first time I read it. I think this verse and that quote go together well. If our hearts aren’t with God than he isn’t our treasure (or he isn’t the top priority). How can we expect Him to fix our lives if we don’t make him number 1. Often times He helps us, even though He gets pushed to the back burner a lot. I find it hard to grasp, that we go against Him every day and yet He’s still merciful on us. That’s amazing and another topic that I could talk about all day. So, I think I’ll end with this:
I’m going to try to start putting him at the front of my day. The things that I normally make treasures, I’m going to do those in His name. Maybe that’s crazy, I challenge you to put Him as number one. I bet once you do this He’ll work out all the other junk.

I realize that this theology is probably pretty basic and the content might be really random, but I wrote it as it came to mind. This might have been more for me than anyone else…but I hope you might have gotten something out of this.

Oh and you’re probably wondering what does that title mean? Well, I think pirates are legit! I actually am a pirate! Pirates have treasure, if a pirate were to ask “where is your treasure?” it would probably sound like “Where be yer booty?”. So that’s why I titled it that.

Thanks for reading,



The Bright Saddness

Today I went to a funeral. It’s only my seventh funeral to go to. This is really terrible, but two of the funerals I went to I had a really good time. The only reason I went to those two funerals–well actually it was the wake–was because I had a close friend who was very close to the deceased. Some fun friends of mine just happened to come for the same reason. So I sat with them and we had a good time. We did feel bad when we started laughing really loudly, but we just had to remember where we were.

The one I went to today was for my friend’s father–who was a very respected man in the community. Now the one today was sad but at the same time it wasn’t. I’ll explain.

There were three preachers. When the second preacher took to the stage and began talking about him. He told some stories from their long friendship. My friend start crying–to be honest I found it hard not to. The third preacher came up and told us that he didn’t know him as well as the second preacher had. But he gave a bit of a spiritual message and he talked about how the man had come to know Christ. That’s where the title “The Bright Sadness” comes in.

It’s sad this prominent member of society died, but it added some brightness to the end of my rainy day knowing he’s in heaven. For each of those seven funerals I’ve been to they have all been for Christians. I don’t know about you, but something about that comforts me. I’m kinda sad these people are gone but knowing they’re in a much, much better place just makes me happy. “It Is Well” is another song that comes to mind.

I hope this wasn’t offensive, in anyway. This is just something that’s been on my mind since the last funeral I went to. Thanks for reading.


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