Freestyle! Episode 5?…Day at the Beach

What’s up readers? I was reading my old blog today. It seemed like I used to do a lot more Freestyling! Even the articles that weren’t labeled Freestyle, were lacking of seriousness. Looking back on it I don’t know why I moved away from that. ūüėÄ I’m going to try to make my post in the future more like them.

So, I was reading my old blogspot blog. I kinda miss it. I left it for wordpress, which has been and shall continue to be an eternal struggle! I like the counter on WordPress, which is enough to keep me here!

One of my friends is a really talented writer, I’ve been trying to get him back into blogging. One problem is that he needs a name for a blog, I say Alpha Delta Lightening Bolt Wolverine Squadron. If you have any name ideas comment them below and I’ll pass it on to him!

So, we had spring break last week. Maaaaaan, I’ve been craving the beach! It’s been our Family tradition to visit the beach every summer cook some crabs, go swimming, walk on the beach, sleep, read and ofcourse listen to the same Jimmy Buffett album we listened to the year before!! Unfortunately, this summer we probably aren’t going to make it :(. To compensate for lack of sand in my pants, I had a brilliant idea last weekend! I thought, “I’ll have a beach day!!!”. A better idea didn’t show up that day! I got an umbrella, a towel, a beach chair, some reading material, my sunglasses and Jimmy Buffett on my iPod! I was good to go! I sat out in the sun for at least two or three hours pretending to smell salt water and hear waves crash. Well……’s all fun and games until some suffers from heat stroke! Ok so it probably wasn’t heat stroke but shortly after I came inside I got light headed and had a fever. So the after affects were no fun, but while I was at the beach *wink*! It was great!!!

I hope this has been an enjoyable freestyle!

Thanks for reading,



Freestyling: Numero Uno for WordPress

Blogger was very easy, but didn’t have all the features of wordpress.¬†

Word press is much more difficult to figure out.¬† As you can tell I’m getting frustrated.¬† I’m going to try and just copy and paste my post from my other blog, that will be much easier than trying to import to this one on my slow Internet.

Anyway!¬† So, I have D-Now at my church this weekend.¬† It’s this awesome thing where we sing songs of praise, go do mission projects, and sometimes messy games (personally I hate messy games).¬† It’s very spiritually uplifting.¬† I always love it, but unfortunately this year I won’t be able to¬†go to the host homes¬†because I’ve been sick.¬† I’m a little upset.¬†

It bothers me, there are people skipping this year because they don’t like the band.¬†¬†My initial reaction were these two;¬† 1:¬†they don’t trust God enough to even see if the band will be good.¬† 2: they are more worried about themselves and what they want then God’s will.¬† I’ve come to realize–in the seven hours since I originally posted it–that this was rather harsh,¬†opinionated.¬† This is my opinion, and now that I have had time to think I don’t know if this is right.¬† I really want your feed back though, I want to know what you think.

¬†(to continue with the blog)¬† Then those two ideas I mentioned lead me to these questions: “Why do you come to Church in the first place?”¬† Is it to see friends?¬† Or see your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, perhaps?¬† Or because we are¬†“supposed”¬†to?¬†¬†Or because your parents make you?¬† Well, if you go just because you’re “supposed” to than your heart isn’t in the right place.¬† If you go just because your parents make then I would say go a head try to get something out of it.¬† You have to be there anyway.

Anyway, who are we to decide whether the band is good or not.¬† If it’s bad, God can make it good.¬† We just have to put our hearts in the right place and prepare them for worship.

I’ll save the rest of my ideas for later.

Thanks for reading.