I’ll Title This Later…

It has been many, many months since the last time I posted. Which is weird. I have not been able to figure out why it is so difficult for me to post, something I want to do.
I love writing.
I don’t understand how a task I want to do becomes something I feel I have to do and, inevitably, something I put off.
I wish I was better at not procrastinating and being lazy.
I hope you enjoyed my first ten minute writing session on here. How do you avoid procrastination?


A Boy and His [Racist] Dog

It’s the last day of Mardi Gras break.  I am working on a self portrait for Sophomore Review.  I am a little bit stressed about that.  It’s a review by the art department to determine whether or not you are good enough to continue on to 300 level classes.  No one has failed in the last four years.  I really don’t want to be the record breaker.  I’m drawing a self portrait.  I kind of copied that scene from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The one from the first fifteen minutes where Indiana stole the idol and the rock almost killed him.  I shot a picture of myself replacing Oreos with a leather pouch.  I thought it would be clever while also capturing a likeness of my face.

I started another blog.  I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been writing a lot of short stories and flash fiction.  Well, I started a blog on Blogger to post a few of my stories.  I’m not quite confident enough to broadcast where that site is yet, maybe later.  If you find the blog, I hope you enjoy it.  So, far I’ve written a story about Barry the explorer, Porky Robinson, Ph.D. (urban pirate), one based on a dream I had in high school and a few based on actual recent events.  I’m finding it very enjoyable, therapeutic even.  Unfortunately, my grammar is still a problem, as you probably noticed.

I just got back from the gas station.  I had to get gas for both my truck and the lawn mower.  I decided to bring Sadie, my dog, with me.  She stays at home most of the time, and doesn’t go out very much.  I like to treat her to a trip every now and then.  She really seems to enjoy sticking her head out the window and experiencing all the smells.  There is a slight problem, though.  Sadie loves people, but she is also one of those racist dogs.  I was worried that, as soon as I opened my door, she would start exploring everything and everybody at the gas station, or that she would start barking at some innocent black person just trying to fill up his or her car with gas.

I have only witnessed one racist exploit of hers.  We were remodeling our house.  Sadie was young, maybe a year old.  Frank, the terminex guy, was spraying edge of the foundation with bug repellant.  I was in my room playing Mario Cart–best Nintendo game ever–when Sadie started barking.  I walked out to see what was the matter.  There was Frank just minding his own business, killing bugs.  There have have been a few other incidents that I wasn’t around for, but mom told me about them later.

Thankfully for me, she didn’t bark at anyone at the gas station.  Maybe, she is finally realized that she’s a black lab.

Explosions, Short Stories and Scuplture

So, it has been a couple weeks since I last posted.  In that time there has been an explosion of excitement in my hometown-literally and metaphorically.  There was, literally, an explosion, but it wasn’t made of excitement.  No, it was made of natural gas.  A natural gas line ruptured.  I was in my dorm when it all transpired.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was checking my phone.  I had a message from my sister that said, “Some big explosion happened way off and it’s still rattling the windows”.  This made me very curious.  I checked Facebook and discovered that a gas line had indeed burst.  Apparently, the explosion lasted from about 2:00 A.M. to 4:30 A.M.  I hated to have missed it.  I’ve never experienced something like that.  A lot of people said, “I thought the world was ending.”  I even heard of one guy who was on the verge of tears because he knew it was the rapture and he knew he had been bad and his parents would be taken and he would be left behind.  (Was that to many ands?  It sounded good in my head, but it looks wrong on paper.)  It just seems like such a crazy experience.  And…I missed it.  Sad.  (Oh, and no one was hurt.)

I’ve been writing a lot recently.  Not on here, unfortunately.  I’ve always enjoyed writing.  Recently, I wanted to write some short stories.  Rather than just thinking about it, I decided to finally just do it.  I’ve started writing three stories so far, and I’ve got three more ideas I want to start. I’ve also been reading a lot short stories to try to find a formula to work from.  I didn’t really know what to do for a short story.  I didn’t know if I needed more or less character development.  I didn’t know about how the action should rise and fall.  I also didn’t know how long the story should be.  The powers of wikipedia were needed!  I found that for a story to classify as a short story it has to have more than 1,000 words and less than 20,000.  I found that most of the classics-Twain, London or Tolstoy-range from 7,000 to 10,000 words.  In my research, I have also discovered Flash Fiction.  I’ve been writing about one flash fiction story a night before I go to bed.  There are several different types of flash fiction.  One says there has to be less than fifty-five words.  Another rule says a flash fiction story has contain no less than 200 words but no more than 300.  Then the most general flash fiction has to simply have less than 1,000 words.  I’ve been really enjoying writing flash fiction, because it’s so quick.  I don’t feel the need to develop a plot or characters.  I feel more freedom to just improvise.  I like having the freedom to just start writing, not knowing where it will end up.  I’ve kind of wanted to start a blog with the exclusive purpose of posting some of these stories.  I’m kind of embarrassed for people to read what I have written.

I have recently started another blog.  It was about my spirituality, but I think I am going to delete it.  I feel I should devote my time to this blog.  She was my first *wink*!  Actually this wasn’t my first blog.  This was and is my second.  I had another blog under the exact same name at Blogger.  Actually, it’s still there.  I haven’t used it in a while.  I saw all the analytics and technology on WordPress, and I was sold.  I guess there is a certain vanity to that.  I got caught up on seeing how many people were visiting my site.  I originally joined blogger for its simplicity.  It was straight to the point.  It didn’t distract you with site views and popularity.  It was just straight forward.  Now, I’m at WordPress.  Wordpress is very distracting.  They have very good analytics.  They can track how many readers you have.  That’s nice, but it can put a writer in a dangerous position.  Not physically dangerous, of course, but I have found myself thinking “Would people like to read that?” instead of what I should be thinking, “What do I want to write about?”.  That was why I originally got into blogging.  Just to share my views on the world.

I have been rather busy.  I’ve been working on a sculpture for my sculpture class.  It was made of wire and a coffee cup.  I underestimated how long it would take me to wrap all the wire.  It was completed only hours before the due date Thursday morning.  I wanted it to be about unity among our society, unfortunately I made it exclusively out of wire.  The unity message didn’t really translate.  Jeff, my instructor, instructed me and didn’t criticize.  I was glad about that.  He is one of those teachers who can be hard on us, but if he gives you praise you know you earned it.  At the end of the day I like that kind of teacher, because I always learn from them.

I hope this wasn’t to pointless, and that you enjoyed it!  If you write stories please feel free to email me! (emt164@gmail.com)  I would love to read your stuff.  Also, please comment below if you know of some good short stories or authors.  Lastly, I’ve been reading a lot of short stories, but The Ransom of Red Chief is my favorite! It’s really funny!  Check it out here!